Take command of your mobile fleet

With Divide Manager, a cloud-based web console, IT can remotely enforce policies, oversee compliance and monitor how personal devices are being used. IT can use Divide Manager to push policies by group, restrict apps, set screenlock requirements, administer data wipes and view device inventory. Divide Manager also allows administrators to track device and business application inventory, policy compliance status, and usage monitoring for expense management. Get your business started
Divide Manager
Policy Control

Easy setup, simple management

Divide can be set up in a day with no hassles or headaches. There are no servers to install or hardware to configure. Employees can be activated with policies immediately. Divide Manager lightens the workload for administrators, freeing them up to work on other priorities.

Deploy and manage mobile apps

Businesses can deploy internally developed and third-party apps to employees’ devices without any modifications. In addition, the deployed apps are automatically patched with Divide’s enhanced security features and can only be accessed from within Divide’s secure workspace.

Management API

Divide supports a comprehensive set of management APIs that enable administrators to integrate Divide with other internal tools to create a centralized, scalable solution for all enterprise management needs.