Divide for Android & iOS

Work and personal life on one device

Divide’s secure workspace delivers the ultimate tool for separating business and personal data on employee-owned smartphones and tablets. With Divide, IT gets the security and control it needs, including government-grade encryption to protect all business apps and data. Employees enjoy privacy on their personal device as well as a suite of professional-grade business apps to get work done on the go.
“Divide is hands-down the most successful of its type we’ve seen.”

Built for productivity

Divide equips employees with the best-designed tools to get their job done anywhere, anytime. The workspace offers a suite of powerful and user-friendly business apps for email, calendar, contacts, files, browser and tasks as well as enhanced features such as document editing, cloud-file storage and more. Divide’s apps incorporate thoughtful productivity features not found elsewhere. Get your business started
Divide Manager

Impeccable data security

Divide ensures that your company data is isolated and protected from all threats on employee-owned devices, including malware or rooting and jailbreaking. Divide employs FIPS 140-2 validated, 256-bit encryption to protect against unauthorized access and prevent data leaks. Divide leverages your existing network equipment providers to create a secure tunnel for business data traveling to and from the secure workspace.

Designed to delight

The Divide workspace is built to complement the underlying operating system of each device so users enjoy a familiar, intuitive experience with no learning curve. Everything is designed to make life easier for users, so they can get their work done quickly and get back to their personal life faster.

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Horizontal integration

Customers can extend the power of Divide by integrating internal tools and services into the workspace. Using Divide’s APIs, companies can deploy third-party apps, leverage existing network investments and access cloud-file services like Box through the Divide workspace.

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