Security on Divide

Complete enterprise-grade security

Divide was built to satisfy the most stringent security requirements of regulated companies, federal agencies and enterprises with sensitive customer data. All data is secured inside the Divide workspace via FIPS 140-2 validated 256-bit encryption. Divide also employs robust data prevention policies including remote business data wipes, malware defenses, and threat detection tools to ensure your data is always kept safe. Divide regularly conducts penetration tests to validate and improve the security posture of the Divide platform and applications. Get your business started

Encrypted workspace

In addition to the FIPS 140-2 validated 256-bit encryption, Divide also keeps encryption keys protected and separated from the host operating system, preventing them from being accessed by unauthorized apps or processes. When Divide is running, all sensitive data is obfuscated in memory to prevent memory scan attacks on a compromised device. The encryption used in the Divide suite of applications ensures that even in a rooted environment, sensitive corporate data is not accessible without the user’s individual passcode.

Malware immunity

Divide is designed to keep all business data stored within its secure workspace and accessible only by business apps from the onset. Day-zero protection from malware ensures personal apps are unable to access any of the data within the workspace, preventing even accidentally downloaded malware from being able to compromise or steal data.

Threat removal

Divide can detect local threats including rooted and jailbroken devices, activating the debugger or preventing the installation of blacklisted apps. Divide can respond to those threats in a variety of ways, including locking the workspace, wiping all business data or reporting detected threats back to administrators.

Data-leak containment

Divide employs copy-and-paste restrictions between work and personal apps, which can be disabled or locked to be uni-directional only. Personal calendar events can be set to display within the work calendar, but work events are never shared in the personal calendar. File access can also be restricted to prevent documents from being saved to unmanaged locations.

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