Divide Extensions

Divide Extensions

Enterprise workforces are more mobile than ever yet IT administrators are faced with the challenge of keeping their costs low while still providing a complete set of tools for their employees to be productive on the go. With Divide Extensions the problem is solved with pluggable modules that allow you to extend your existing IT investments by integrating them with the Divide workspace, making enterprise mobility for all employees a reality. Get your business started

Divide Files

Divide Files creates a storage system inside the Divide container that enables users to securely view and edit documents locally and in the cloud. Files can be shared with apps inside Divide and on the personal side of a user’s device.

Divide Connect

Divide Connect integrates with your existing network equipment providers to offer secure VPN connections within Divide’s work environment. All work apps in Divide are able to connect securely back to your environment while personal apps continue to connect directly to the Internet. Companies can also utilize Divide Connect to create a domain-wide proxy for blacklisting external links and routing traffic into internal infrastructure.

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